Lifepak 15 Monitor Defibrillator 21330-001176

Lifepak 15 Monitor Defibrillator 21330-001176

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BBM supplies the Stryker (formerly Physio-Controls) AED Battery for the LP15 (LifePak 15). Known as the 21330-001176 Battery or the 3206735-001 Battery - This Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, supplied by Stryker Canada, will keep your LP15 AED fully operational.

Lifepak 15 Monitor Defibrillator 21330-001176, 3206735-001 (Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery)

Volts:    11.1 Volt
Capacity:    5.7 Ah
Chemistry:    Li-Ion / Poly
Weight:    1.8000000000
Type    OEM

The LIFEPAK 15 Rechargeable Battery is an impressive lithium-ion battery featuring 5.7 amp hours of use for the LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator/monitor. The 11.1 Volt LIFEPAK 15 Battery is fully rechargeable and includes a user-friendly fuel gauge that enables you to readily readily check the life of your LIFEPAK 15 Battery. 
Please note that the LIFEPAK 15 battery requires the REDI-CHARGE Base and the appropriate LIFEPAK 15 tray in order to recharge the batteries. 
Please also note that the LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator/monitor requires two LIFEPAK 15 Batteries for operation. 



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